Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lake Altilte and the Balneario

Marcos and I drove up to La Huerta on highway 80 only with the idea of looking around town and maybe taking a side road or two. What we found was some very  helpful people in the Tourist Office (Oficina de Tourismo) just off the Plaza.

We knew about the Petroglyphs but had no idea where they were or how hard to get to. As we expected they suggested a guide, hiking boots and long pants (rock climbing and snakes) ... and we were in shorts and sandles.

We asked what else might be interesting and the Balneario was suggested but maybe hard to find. It's on the same road as the Petroglyphs but further through lots of farm country. (Find the road just a little west of La Concha off highway 80)  After a few wrong turns, meeting a few people and missing the second sign we found it. Actually a very pretty place somewhat like an oasis where the warm water originates from a spring. It's not well developed and like the tourist office called it, rustico. Swimming is not real safe except in the pool which was empty and I would be concerned about water quality. It was fun to find and see !!

Here's a rather corny "travel video" of El Altilte but it works

The Petroglyphs we never saw

We did see the lake and balneario

And the country side is beautiful
Municipio de La Huerta, Jalisco Mexico
Trip to Altilte and Balneario


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