Friday, May 29, 2015

Union de Tula is 194 years old

UNION DE TULA, JALISCO. 28 MAY 2015.- In Union of Tula continue the festivities commemorating its foundation as a people through various celebrations ranging from rodeos, cultural exhibits and food fairs, and this day the most symbolic because today is when you turn 194 years.

The director of the Casa de la Cultura, Maria Cristina Ruiz Santana, explained that these parties, made in coordination with the Department of Culture and the city, consists of several areas in which they emphasize the receptions, which are organized every day of the festivities for the residents of each colony according to the schedule. In this case, as the day of the foundation, the organization hosting is provided by City of Union of Tula.

"The first is the part of the reception where the welcome is who go for what would be the bullfight and that's as a tribute to the people at that time, in 1821 it was founded, were given to receive as Welcome to the village, and then from there a cultural festival at night is organized.

Union de Tula is considered the first town founded in the independent Mexico. It was given the name Union in commemoration of one of the three guarantees of the Plan of Iguala, and Tula by the initials of the surnames of its founders: Topete, Villasenor, Lazcano and Arriola. Since 1825 it belonged to the canton of Autlan 6th until September 21, 1832 was when Union de Tula is recorded as municipality.

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