Sunday, November 16, 2008


Tlaquepaque, once a town of it's own and bedroom community of the rich in Guadalajara, has been incorporated into the city. Lately it has attracted artisans of many talents and has become an expensive artsy-crafty shopping center. The pedestrian only streets that branch off the plaza do make for relaxing window shopping. Take your time and you'll also see much of Mexican history on display. Tlaquepaque underwent major commercial renovation in the 1970's to improve tourism.

In the middle of the plaza is El Parian, which was built in 1878, a block square cantina ringed by botanero restaurants and inside has a huge courtyard with central bandstand for entertainment. Some restaurants are only botaneros and some have full menus ... but you can just have a beer or Margarita and listen to Mariachis in the early evening.

I stayed at the Hotel Posada de la Media Luna which is right on the corner of the plaza and very convenient. They do have a parking garage agreement nearby but I was using buses at the time. A taxi ride to central Guadalajara should be less than 100 pesos but the taxis on the plaza are famous for overcharging

El Parian outer botana bars

El Parian inner restaurants and central bandstand

Pedestrian only shopping street

Pedestrian only shopping street

Hotel Posada de la Media Luna

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