Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fifth Anual Beer Fest - Guadalajara

In the Metropolitan Park this Friday 19, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 October 2012

2008 was the first festival of the brewing revolution in Mexico aiming to promote economic activity in the industry and make Guadalajara the Cradle of Premium Beer. The fifth year celebration hopes advance toward the most important festival in Latin America.

Like last year, we continued to generate a genuine search experience, so again it will be in the Parque Metropolitano de Zapopan as the natural setting for experiencing an authentic Bier-garten, German-style.

A natural environment to enjoy and share responsibly cultural activities focused on beer

Friday, October 12, 2012

Jalisco State Fair

The 46th Expo Ganadera Jalisco, considered to be one of Mexico’s best livestock fairs, will open Wednesday, October 10 for a 25-day run that should rope in thousands of visitors keen on having a look at top-breed farm animals as well as enjoying a jam-packed schedule of special events.

In addition to the varied livestock and commercial exhibits, the Jalisco State Livestock Farmer’s Expo also offers the Mexican Charrería, superb regional cuisine, artistic events, music and contests and activities for kids. This event is truly the best of its kind in the country.

Unión Ganadera Regional de Jalisco
Location map in Tlaquepaque
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Jalisco Tourism

Jalisco is in west-central Mexico and its capital is Guadalajara. The Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range traverses the state, separating the Pacific coast from a high plateau region. The Sierra Madre region is largely volcanic, and earthquakes are frequent. The state's many lakes include Chapala, Mexico's largest.

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