Sunday, August 17, 2014

Proposed new Corona Mercado

Almost three months after the fire that destroyed the Corona Market in the historic center of the capital of Jalisco, the afternoon of Friday unveiled the conceptual project that will work to rebuild; according to the mayor, Ramiro García Hernández is estimated that the work, which cost about 300 million pesos be completed in one year.

Of the 30 proposals received, the office "Fernández Arquitectos SC" is the winner of the tender to be developed to choose who would have to draw the layout for the construction of the new market Ramón Corona after this collapse in a fire Sunday May 4.

This is a project that includes 589 stores and parking for 582 parking spaces, plus about nine thousand square meters of offices.

The facade of this market would comprise gates and trellises, along with special adaptations for sustainability and lattices that protect against the sun's rays, green roofs, solar panels for electricity supply and efficient lighting devices.

The intent of the Ochoa property management is that becoming a new tourist destination and service for visitors to the historic center.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Concepcion de Buenos Aires

So a drive down the south side of Lake Chapala was the plan maybe to Petatán and see the pelicans if they were still there. Thoughtful me without my map I didn't know how far Petatán was and made it as far as Cojumatlán - both in Michoacan. Cojumatlán is a large town and Sundays are the day for everyone to meet at the plaza. Couldn't find parking within 4 blocks and didn't feel like being the only gringo with a camera in the huge crowd - so back to Amacueca and maybe head inland.

A friend told me about Concepción de Buenos Aires somewhere off the new road to Mazamitla as being an attractive place to visit. The turn off is about 10-12 miles up the hill from Amacueca to the right. Putting that name on a road sign is next to impossible so you'll see something like - Cocep de BA. About 12-15 miles on this secondary road full of not very deep potholes appears the gates to Concepcion.  Without a map in this area it's hard to tell if you are in Jalisco or Michoacan.

The town reminds me of a number of Colonial mountain towns like Tapalpa, Mazamitla or even Patcuaro with the tile roofs, buildings painted similarly and lots of wood. However this town was only founded in the 1850's and became head of it's municipio in the 1880's. The sign on the entrance to town says - 'Land of the friendly people'

Saturday, July 26, 2014

New treatment plant for Guadalajara

New treatment plant to serve 3 million people in Guadalajara

The opening of a new treatment plant this week in the state of Jalisco means that nearly 80% of sewage from the metropolitan zone of Guadalajara will be treated.

Agua Prieta, officially opened yesterday by President Peña Nieto, is Mexico’s largest and was completed at a cost of more than 3 billion pesos.

The plant brings to 54%, an increase of four points, the amount of sewage waste which is now being treated in Mexico. The project is part of the National Infrastructure Program, whose goal is to raise that figure of 54% to 63% by the time Peña Nieto finishes his term in office.

New treatment plant to serve 3 million people in Guadalajara

Virtual tour of the Puerto Vallarta area

Pretty cool 360 degree views of various places around Vallarta. Basically from Compostela to El Tuito and east to Mascota and Talpa.  Just mouse over the red dots for a small view or click for a larger one.

Virtual tour of the Puerto Vallarta area

Map of El Tuito

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A fun trip to Yalapa

A fun trip to Yalapa on Banderas Bay

Yelapa (Yeh - La -Pa) was probably first populated by a some Native Americans of the tribe that originated in the ancient circular town of Tenacatitlan, 100 miles north, as they migrated south to eventually form Mexico City and become the Aztec empire. The word means 'gathering place' or 'meeting place' and, although it lies on the same latitude as Hawaii, has been likened to Tahiti.
The road south of Puerto Vallarta does not go all the way around the bay but cuts inland at Boca de Tomatlan. To get to Yelapa you must take a boat from Boca de Tomatlan , Los Muertos beach or the beach just south of the Rosita Hotel. Yelapa can also be reached by mountain bike or hiking down from El Tuito, high in the mountains behind the village. There is a daily cruise boat that drops tourists off for about two hours. Here in Puerto Vallarta you will find alot of beauty and culture, and of course the magical village of Yelapa.
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