Thursday, May 22, 2008

Autlan de Navarro

The city of Autlán de Navarro (or simply Autlán) is located in a valley at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Occidental, in the south coast region of the state of Jalisco. Autlán is referred to as “La Puerta de la Costa” (Door to the Coast) because of its warm, humid climate and its geographical location, as an important stop in the highway from the Pacific coast to Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco. Because of it's location, Autlán is a very important regional commercial and agricultural centre for the state, as well as the location of the University of Guadalajara’s south coast campus.

Another town that has some feel of the Colonial Era but has not been preserved as such so new is mixed with the old. It's a good sized town with lots of downtown activity - market, plaza and a number of chruches. The bull ring (Plaza del Toros) is close to downtown and one of the fanciest ones I've seen. I really should have tried to get a few fotos of it - even if only the outside.

After coming out of Ayutla onto highway 80 there is a large drop in elevation into the valley where Autlan is (those famous hair-pin turns). I cruzed downtown and then stayed at Hotel Autlan near the bus station - nice place for about $40us. The next morning I walked around town, had breakfast and headed downhill again towards Purificacion and La Huerta (more hair-pin turns).

Entrance to Autlan and bus station from in front of my motel

Colorful intersection near the mercado

Lots of parks

Autlan Church

More Autlan pictures


Anonymous said...

I was there visting, in near-by San pedro, jalisco....I must say what a nice town. The people are the nicest and most humble can't wait to return I hope sometime before christmas.

MEL Tirado said...

I am here (at this moment) from the California as a person with Cancer, staying at the Centro Naturista Geo (right behind the Cathedral) and I have got to say, this town is full of heart, quaint, modern and yet traditional. IT was a long ride here, but I sincerly can say I could stay in this town. I cant wit for next weekend's Rodeo at the Bull Ring!

Anonymous said...

My dad was born and raised here. I wish I knew our family out there. Whould be nice to reside there.

Anonymous said...

My parents are from a small town near there called " casimiro castillo" but everytime i go there i always hav to visit autlan it is amazing and yes the curves are deadly many people have died there. But i still love to go there, i used to stay at da hotel infront of the primera plus too it is insanly cheap and really nice. I really advice you to visit here and while your at it take a peak at the beautiful beaches to the coast melaque, tenacatita, also the beaches in colima they hav the highest waves for yu surfers out there....i could really write a whole book but im too lazy haha

Anonymous said...

My dads from this beautiful place my mom and dad plan on staying in california..but im planning on retiring in autlan de navarro..very beautiful place to spend the rest of my life with my close relatives..I cant wait!

Anonymous said...

My family was from this town, I really would like to learn more about the history. My grandparents came to California in 1929. My grandpa lived till he was 104. My mom was born in Purificion a town close to Autlan.
anyone have any ideas how to get info?

Anonymous said...

Recently visited Autlan with my wife who is from this nice town. My first time really in Mexico. Very nice; Home town of Carlos Santana; seemed clean; people very nice. Would love to have a home in that town and visit often; The center of town was pretty cool. Lot of activity.

Anonymous said...

I lived in this town while in high school, my mother was born and raised there; its where my roots are. I love it and miss it! My best childhood memories were here, summers in Autlan....; Best Regards to my fellow paisanos!

Anonymous said...

I was Born in Autlan.. Left when i was 4 years old and now returning to visit family after almost 24 years! I'm excited, been looking forward to it for sometime now. It's really nice to hear all the positive things been said about the place i was born in. 95% of my family currently resides here, perhaps some of you might even know a couple of them. Our last name is Arechiga by the way.... If anyone has any must DO'S while i'm there please email me at Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

I visited autlan in the year 2006. Great place to live. Had made plans to stay and live there after two wks vacations. But unfortunately had to travel back to bze.

Unknown said...

I have never visited there but I would love to visit. I have a long lost fried from there.Marivel Lopez Castillo that has a son named Oswaldo. Any information or if you know her please have her get into contact with me on Facebook..Norma Corona Avery

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