Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ciudad Guzman

Ciudad Guzmán has a second traditional name of Zapotlan El Grande. Ciudad Guzman's elevation is about 5000 feet and it is nestled at the foot of a dormant volcano. In the distance, there are volcanic mountains, some of which are slightly active from time to time.

The population of the Ciudad Guzman area is about 175,000. However, the city is the central shopping area for many smaller towns and agriculture communities in the area and is a bustling commercial center.

Glen and I stopped here for a few hours to get a feel for the city and because a number of people say it's quite uninteresting. It's definitely Colonial and the city center is attractive. The rest of the town is plain but with very wide streets. Not sure of activities or attractions but it's definitely in the middle of an interesting area.

Ciudad Guzman Jalisco Mexico


Unknown said...

this town is my homw town were i grew up until the age of 12.
then my family and i migrated to Visalia Ca.
is nice to see your hometown mentioned from time to time and I recomend to go visit in October is the best time to go. the fair is there bringing lots of activities and performers to the convention center.

Cesar Esteban

claudia V. said...

even do I was not born originally in this beautiful town I do have very beautiful memories from this lovely town. Our family moved from orange county, california to ciudad guzman when i was 7 yrs. old until the age of 11. then we moved back to the sate of cal. but is really nice to see and to read about this town! I have not seen any pictures from this town in more than twenty years!!! it brings me back very beatiful memories!! I really enjoy living there and I will always cheerish those memories. one of the things I never forget and love to remember is going to el kiosko en el centro and visiting el nevado de colima volcan.

claudia V.

Anonymous said...

my family is from there i love goin there its my favorite place in the world there is always something to do there i absulotly love it there is alot of goregous people in that little community

Faustina said...

Hi we are from ca and plan to live in guzman have two young kids it makes me happy to know that they will like it there.if anybody has a house that they have for rent 3 bed 2 bath let us know at

Anonymous said...

I am very familiar with this enchanting town. My mom and dad are from around this area and I went there to visit and ended up
there for 12 years. With all this narco-violence it is good to know that this area has been very minimally impacted. I went there this past March and it is peaceful. At least I didn't see anything out of the ordinary and was able to walk the streets and wander carefree with no concern and it was a good feeling. I'm going back in a couple of weeks to visit my MEXICO LINDO Y QUERIDO.
You can take the boy out of the country......

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